Our Warranty

 Warranty Replacement

  • Three-year warranty for craftsmanship and structural integrity under normal wear and tear, with proof of purchase.

  • Color fading from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and normal rope abrasion from regular use are not included in the three-year warranty.


Just like a true Maine lobsterman, The Rope Co. products are tough and durable enough to last through even the toughest Maine winters. Made to last, all of our products are warrantied for the integrity of our rope and craftsmanship.

Rope, much like leather, wood, waxed canvas, and metal, develops a patina over time.  The more it’s used, the quicker the patina develops.  In other materials, this normal aging process typically develops as a sheen, wrinkles, or some favorable discoloration. 

Lobster rope ages a bit differently in the form of rope abrasion, particularly on the points that see the most contact.  Color fading can happen as well, depending on the environment.  Sunlight, over time, adds an authentic weathered look to the rope.  We select colors that fade beautifully to ensure longevity in the charming appearance of your new rope product.  Generally, the darker colors are more naturally resistant to UV rays than the lighter colors.

The patinated doormat tells a story.

“The sun has shone brightly on our home over the past several months and years.”

“We’ve been busy.”

“Our friends and family share life with us – we are blessed.”

“Sheesh… I get too many package deliveries.”

An object can hold memories.

A rope doormat, as it beautifully breaks in over time, is rugged & resilient.  It is a friend to those who desire simplicity and timeless beauty.  Its patina offers a view into the many wonderful stories that have been written in time, in and around the home.

Note: The amount of direct sunlight the product receives will determine the speed of the color fading and the breaking down of the material.







Merchandise Return Policy

  • For full refund, product must be returned within 15 days of delivery date
  • Product must be in resale condition
  • Return shipping is the responsibility of the customer
  • If return shipping labels are requested, cost will be deducted from refund