Founders Story - Our Maine Wedding

With September upon us we start to enter my personal favorite time in Maine, when the weather is still warm and fair, but starts to cool and dry out.

It makes me think of my wedding day when we had planned the reception under a tent and on the lawn that connects my in-law's property with their neighbors.

Most of the tent was to be on the neighbor’s lawn, but when we made this decision, this lawn had not been attended to for quite some time and was more like a marsh or field.

In the center of where the tent would eventually stand was a low, wet spot which was the reason someone decided to stop tending it.

Weeks before the wedding I used my father-in-law’s push trimmer, it took most of the day, but I eventually took down and raked the thick jungle of golden rod and other thick weeds that seemed almost like small trees.

Hannah’s parents mowed the lawn regularly over the weeks leading up to the wedding turning a rough scraggly field into a beautiful green lawn.

The biggest concern still was with the wet low spot which was going to run right down the middle of the tent, thankfully to God and the Maine September weather, there wasn’t a drop of rain for the two weeks leading up to the wedding day of September 15th and it was a spectacle of a beautiful wedding scene.

It was a fairy tale day that any movie producer would have died for and couldn’t replicate, I have no doubt an answer to my prayer.

Around 70 degrees with a slight breeze, just enough tiny chop in the water to make it look dark and shiny at the same time; as the ocean does often in the fall in Maine.


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