The Marston House Antiques

The Marston House Antiques, nestled between the wind and water in the charming streets of Vinalhaven, is a portal to a bygone era of true love and craft.

A timeless trove of carefully curated antiques, The Marston House transports visitors to a time when expert craftsmanship served daily life.

 Exploring the Marston House is unlike a typical trip to an antique store; it's a unique encounter with the curators of remarkable and inspiring tales sourced from their quests for treasures, as well as the stories they’ve made together on their journey. 

Founders, Sharon, a designer, and husband Paul Mrozinski, an architect, split their time between Maine and France, working together on renovation projects and finding forgotten pieces of the past to bring back to The Marston House. Sharon’s distinct eye for quality and design shows throughout the shop, which also serves as their home while in Maine.  

The Mrozinskis have a way of infusing their love of nature, love for each other, and passion for life into every piece and every interaction at the Marston House.

 The building has its own story to tell, a late 19th-century construction, Marston House underwent a complete interior renovation and remodel after the Mrozinski’s took ownership in 2016. The original building, constructed 6 miles north on North Haven Island, was relocated in the early 1900s to its permanent location in downtown Vinalhaven, overlooking Carver’s Pond to the north and the harbor to the south. In need of a downsize of their business and splitting their time between Maine and France, they moved their business to Vinalhaven from Wiscasset that year.


Through Paul’s keen architect’s eye and Sharon’s simple and elegant design, they turned the building into the perfect space that worked for both their life and their business; their living space comfortably perched above the store below.

The ever-changing nature of the space brings about exciting conversations with visitors about the stories behind the unique things you’ll find at the Marson House. It truly is a special experience to share space with this lovely couple and we recommend it next time you want to experience Maine Coastal living.

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