Founders Story - Mini Adventures, Slow Living and Inspiration

At the beginning of September after a series of tradeshows, photo shoots, launching the Slow Goods podcast, and moving our office, Hannah said to me, “Our family needs a break.”

We are grateful to be able to do these things with and for our business. There is a lot weighing on these big moves for The Rope Co. and with that comes a great deal of stress, planning, and effort.

I agreed with Hannah and asked her what she wanted to do, to which she replied; “clean and organize the house and go on mini-adventures from home.” We needed this time to slow down, turn chaos into order, and spend some time in the moment as a family. So we planned this important “stay-cation”  starting with our anniversary on September 15th.

Our anniversary was a great kick-off to our vacation, we got to sit down and share a meal, just the two of us. The days that followed brought a storm off the Atlantic and because the weather was a bit rough, we decided that was the perfect time to tackle organizing the basement.

We slept in, but not too late, we didn’t rush to get to work organizing but instead had a nice breakfast with the girls and then got to work. Much like how we work together here at The Rope Co. I put together the big picture and Hannah helped with the details; creating order out of chaos.

We spent the next few days working together in this way and as the basement became more organized and clear, I could feel my thoughts doing the same.


A Day Of Triumph And Beauty

The mini adventures from home started in the Pemaquid area where we went on a very long hike (with our three and five-year-old girls in tow) to a beautiful Maine-Coast scene.

I’m a fast-paced hiker, so it’s hard for me to slow down to a kid's pace while we identify every mushroom in the forest but it was so nice. It was hard for the girls but they did it and we arrived at our treasure on the coast; a breath-taking and inspiring scene. I’ll let the picture do the talking but we were able to perch in these rocks and just sit and have lunch as a family and take it in.



A Day Of Rest

The next day Tess was sick so the agenda got cut back, but she was determined she wanted to go out and do something.

So late in the day, we headed to an old fort in the same area. We pulled in and noticed how quiet this normally tourist/busy area was. Come to find out there was a reason why, it’s only open from Memorial Day to Labor Day, which is the typical season in Maine.

Opting for the quiet of the beach, we found a good spot to make sandcastles, chase waves, and take in the last stronghold of the summer days.



A Day Of Inspiration

A trip to Vinalhaven has become a tradition for us. We get on the ferry in the morning, enjoy the ride out going by the Owlshead light, across Penobscot Bay, and then finish the trip by snaking through the beautiful smaller islands just outside of Vinalhaven.

As a lobsterman my boat breaking down is almost a constant small worry in the back of my mind, being on a steady boat that someone else is in control of is truly a blessing where I can take everything in and enjoy the family.

When we arrived on the island, Hannah was immediately drawn to the Marston House, a quaint little antique shop that perches on a small strip of land right above the ocean. It’s past Labor Day so almost everything in town is shut down but we find ourselves enjoying a nice little walk past some timeless Maine homes, mostly different forms of the classic Cape design.

Once out of town, we pass via boat through some preserves that are worthy of an artist’s brush for landscape painting. The few homes in this area are larger and more design-heavy, most likely an architect’s work, and absolutely fabulous.

We finally around to a small nook, that has a beach that sees out into the ocean past a point that overlooks one of the many coves that make a run into the island.

Every minute of these trips I enjoy and am inspired. Of course, we see so much that is inspirational: the rocks, the lichen, the islands, the homes and buildings, the local culture, the boats, the water, the landscape, etc. but inspiration is also what you feel.

I am thankful to God for this time to slow down with family and I believe it actually helps to do things off-season when there isn’t as much open because it forces us to slow down even more and just be together.

My only thought looking back now is how can I slow down and take in more of these fleeting moments and help my family have an even better time? Regardless, we are grateful and inspired from our much-needed break.

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