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“There is a quality of life in Maine that is this singular and unique. I think. It is absolutely a world onto itself.”

Design Inspired by Creation

The design of the “Maine Home” is unlike any other Coastal interior design.

Locally known as the “Cape”, the Cape Cod home, prevalent throughout New England, captures the “down-to-earth’ Early American aesthetic of Coastal Maine design.

The hardworking interiors of the Maine Home reflect the four seasons that batter the state.

The rich tones of the coastal landscape collide with the weather-worn, functionality of natural wood, and scavenged stone. The earthy tones of the moss, lichen, and forests come through in the decorative pieces added to the home.

Bringing the outside, in

Natural wood, weather-worn paint, and antique brass hardware contrast the cool and delicate tones of the interior.

Thoughtfully designed mudrooms that are both functional and hardworking are a must in Maine, as is a high-performing doormat for “mud season”.

From tidepools to tundra, 90% of Maine is covered by forests that host an ecosystem as diverse as all of Europe combined.

From Kennebunkport to Lubec

There is something uniquely American about the perfect Coastal towns of Maine.

Southern Maine hosts sandy beaches and historic, small towns- perfect for relaxing, dining, and exploring.

Venture east “down” the coast and find rugged hills, rolling into a rocky coastline, guarded by spruce and pine trees.

Wild rivers and lobstering towns dot the landscape, where the wilder parts blend with Maine’s most quaint.

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