Founders Story - Behind the Scenes


Size: Large (21”x34”)

Collection: Landscape

Design: Wheat with Charcoal Stripes

Design Inspiration

We love classic, natural, and timeless at The Rope Co.

Our inspiration behind this doormat was to bring back the classic hardworking doormat.

Design meets function, with this piece, and draws on the natural tones of the Maine landscape. Our rugged Maine roots brought us to this design for the Wheat with Charcoal Stripes doormat.

Shoot Location and Story

We love the rocky terrain of our coast.

The texture of the rocks, the color palette- where the sky and ocean meet the shore and marshlands. This collision is what makes Maine’s coast incredibly foreboding and welcoming all at once. We were at the end of a hard-fought but inspiring photo shoot on a secret island off the coast of Maine.

As we arrived at the dock to load our equipment and get everything back to the mainland, this beautiful scene lay right there before us. The sun was setting and a little dark, but we had to capture the moodiness of this moment.

The Rope Co. team; Tess, Kim, and Hannah, stayed with Nick (the photographer) and got a photo of every color pattern on these rocks while Zach (the model) and I lugged all our equipment to the end of the dock down to the boats.

Zach and our small team carried approximately 50 mats, each weighing 7 to 25 lbs, through a series of steps: from our vehicles to the mainland pier, onto the boats, then from the beach to the first home.

Afterward, we transported the mats 500 yards via sheep paths and wheelbarrows through the evergreens to the second, then third homes.

After all of this, we still had to retrace our steps back to the wharf, onto the boat, and finally make our way back to the dock, pictured above.

There is no adventure without adversity and hard work. It was an amazing day, the satisfaction and thankfulness a forever fantastic memory.



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