Why am I writing about what quality means to me? Could I think of a more boring subject? WELL IT’S NOT BORING TO ME! I get fired up and excited about good quality and I may get even more fired up and frustrated about bad quality! High-Quality, top-quality, good-quality, real quality or whatever you want to call it is something we really get excited about here at The Rope Co. because we know we have the best quality products when comparing them to other similar products all around the world. Actually I’m not sure there is really much you can compare our products with because of our quality. That’s how much I believe in our products, how excited it gets me and how much we all stand by them.

Red Stripe Mat
Everything in this picture is epitome of quality. My parents old dog named Hunter but we call him “puppy.” He has been the best family and hunting dog anyone could ever ask for with his personality and his puppy like energy forever it seems. He’s almost 14 years old and is still in pretty good shape and has a lot of everything I talk about in this post. The wharf and old bait shed that his is on and in front of have been in my family for decades helping the Rackliffs make their living and provide for their families for generations. I may also mention the beautiful new mat Puppy is sitting on, that I will tell you from experience is of utmost quality.

When I buy something and it does its job again and again and again and I can rely on it I’m so happy and really appreciate it. You don’t even have to think about if that thing is going to work or not, it’s a comfort to you. When I buy something because it was cheap or it’s the only thing I can find because it’s at Walmart or another superstore that’s driven all of the other business out of town and there’s no other options and it breaks after the first or second time I use it, wow do I get mad! What is the point of buying this crap? We literally buy this crap just to throw it away. I have to work on my lobster boat quite often, repairs or general maintenance. I have new tools I have bought and then I have tools that literally my great-grand-father bought years ago and worked on his boat with. The new tools not only do not work many times but they ruin things on my boat and cost me a lot of money and time. My grandfather’s and great-grand-fathers old tools get the job done every time and create a lot more happiness and satisfaction in my life instead of frustration and time away from my family and other things I’d rather be doing.


The number one thing that makes something high-quality to me is if it is reliable. Something that is reliable and dependable where it can stand the test of time is high-quality to me. A quality product will do what it is supposed to do time and time again and last. This quality product is a comfort to me, I don’t even think of it. I can depend on this quality product again and again. A poor quality product will not do what it’s supposed to and frustrate me to no end and I feel like I’ve been lied to and hustled.


Another characteristic of quality is value. Value could mean the money it saves or makes you over time. Value may mean how much time it saves which will probably save you money and/or allow you to other activities you’d rather be doing like spending time with your family. Value may be the yield something gives you. Value may be the how much you appreciate something or the joy it gives you. A lot of times it’s simple math: you can buy that cheaper pair of running shoes that costs you half as much and you throw away in 3 months or you can buy the nicer product that costs twice as much but lasts a year or two in the end you save money and time with better quality product. No to mention mostly likely the comfort and protection the better pair probably gives you. You pretty much always get what you pay for. 


Another part of good-quality is how practical it is. Does it get the job done? If you buy a cheaper blow dryer that doesn’t dry your hair or take a lot longer it’s not very practical. If you buy the more expensive one that dries your hair just how you like it, then not only do you save money to not buy another one but you’re happy with your hair which I think if I asked my any of women out there you may consider that priceless?


Is this thing I bought easy to use? Is it a major pain in the butt every time I want to use it and I dread even thinking about it? Have you ever had an old or poor quality lawn mower or gardening tool you had to fight every time you used it? Then one day you finally got sick of it and bought a nice one? How amazing did I feel to just fire up that new mower or get that new tool in your hand and use it without any complications? Something that is of good quality is easy to use.


When something you have is reliable, gives you good value, is practical and easy to use what does it give you? Something with this kind of quality gives you peace of mind. You feel comfortable with your blow dryer, lawn mower or doormat. You never have to worry about it because it never lets you down and does what it’s supposed to do easily for you. It is out of your mind, not constantly causing angst in your life.


A quality product should always leave you feeling satisfied when you use it. When that blow drier gets your hair just how you want it, that lawn mower gives you a beautiful yard or that doormat gives the welcome doorway to your house the finishing touch it needed while also keeping the inside of your house cleaner you feel satisfied. Satisfaction by definition is one of the best feelings there is in the world and your quality products should always provide that for you.


Here at The Rope Co. we design and make every product with all of these things in mind. Reliability, value, practical, easy-to-use, peace of mind and satisfaction are at the core of our products and we stand by them. Throw in some beauty, a touch of Maine and splash of the ocean and you have all the ingredients that make up The Rope Co. and its people and products.


— Logan