Hello There!

Thank you for visiting The Rope Co.’s brand new website. We’ve put a lot of time and effort into the site and appreciate you stopping and checking us out. Please please please let us know if you find any flaws or have recommendations for us and the website. We love to hear what people have to say.

I’m Logan Rackliff the owner of The Rope Co. and will be the one writing most of if not all of these blog posts, if it’s ever someone else they will not pretend to be me. We are fully honest here about everything and funnily enough that’s what this blog is all about. I’m excited about this post being the first one for the company. This post will show you what we at The Rope Co. believe in and stand for, what makes us. The 3 pillars The Rope Co. is built on is INTEGRITY, QUALITY and APPRECIATION. This blog is on the first pillar Integrity. What is integrity really built on? HONESTY and following through with it.

Integrity is  holding fast to being honest and fair while keeping good moral values. Staying true to your honesty defines what type of person you are.  If there is nothing else we do at The Rope Co. We will be honest with you. If we tell you something than that’s what it is. We will not tell you one thing and let it be another. If we mess up somehow by being late, slow, mistaken, have communicated poorly or have let you down in any way we will admit it and accept it. We’ll apologize and tell you what happened if you want to know but it will not be an excuse. We’ll make it up to in the most realistic, fair way we can.

Honesty creates trust and if you’re not honest with people and they find out that trust could easily be gone forever and you will be looked at differently. This is true for business, friends, family, significant others and anything that involves people. It really doesn’t even have to involve anyone but yourself, if you’re not honest with yourself you’ll walk around feeling lost and unfulfilled. You will always have an excuse for everything. To be happy you need to be honest, positive and optimistic always.

As the owner of this company I lead the way and have to set the tone in being honest so that all of my employees will follow. My wife Hannah and I grew up here on the Midcoast of Maine where being friendly, honest and building trust is everything. When we tell you something it means something, a handshake and a deal means something to us.

We will not mislead you in any way ever. Not in our quality, lead times, promotional materials, price or anything else you can think of. We have recently added Amanda to our staff. I went to high school with Amanda and was very good friends with her. I called Amanda and invited her to be our first employee and grow with our new company. I thought of Amanda because not only is she one of the smartest, most clever, and most organized people I know she is also extremely friendly and honest and truly truly cares for everyone she comes in contact with. This will be the type of people that make up The Rope Co. This should also be the type of person you thrive to be and the type of people you surround yourself with.

Now I’m not saying I’m perfect or anyone else is, I’ve said things in the past I didn’t follow through on. It takes hard work to be honest and it takes humility. You can throw pride out the door it’s useless for being honest except that you can be proud that you’re honest. As I grow older I’m working on myself every day to be as honest with everything I do as much as I can. If I was wrong about something I just need accept responsibility, don’t make excuses, and learn something from it for the future. Excuses make you look weak and untrustworthy. And yes everyone being honest does mean being ON TIME for everything.

I read a lot of books on entrepreneurship, sales, and business in general and the good ones talk about the type of person you are. You need to be a person that is honest and that cares about other people and helping them wherever you can. It’s probably the biggest part of all the books I’ve read. I get very excited every time I read that because honesty and caring are things we thrive in and they’re things that come natural to all of us here at a The Rope Co. We’ve never known anything other than being honest and it’s what we stand for and who we are.

Thank you for reading this and please let me know your thoughts so I can respond, I’d greatly appreciate it. Also feel free to email me and ask me any kind of questions about Maine, the ocean, lobstering, rope, starting a small business or anything else you think I can help you with. I’ll do the best I can to answer with the knowledge I have. What I don’t know I will be honest with you about and tell you straight up instead of making something up to please you.


I also love photos and video so I’m always going try and attach something to my blog posts even if it has nothing to do with the topic. A lot of times it will just be a cool picture of somewhere I am, typically around Maine. This time of year many of them will be pictures from when I’m out on the water lobstering, lots of sunrises. Hope you enjoy.

— Logan Rackliff
Taken at 8:20pm July 23, 2016 on Rackliff Island, ME