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Doormats and Area Rugs – Limited Lifetime

Congratulations on your new rope product & welcome to the Rope Co. family!

Just like a true Maine lobsterman, Rope Co. products are tough and durable enough to last through even the toughest Maine winters. Made to last, we back up all products with a limited lifetime guarantee. The integrity of our rope and the workmanship of the products are covered under our warranty.

A word about fading: Like all fabric and yarn products, Rope Co merchandise that is consistently exposed to the sun may fade and break down over time. The more direct sunlight the products receive, the faster the color and material will break down. Speaking in general terms, the darker colors are more naturally resistant to UV rays than lighter colors.

Please note that The Rope Co. adds as much UV protection as we can into our rope while choosing to avoid the use of large amount of harmful, sun-fading-proof chemicals.  Usually the sunlight adds an authentic weathered look to the rope, and we select colors that fade beautifully to ensure longevity in the charming appearance of your new rope product.

Again, the amount of direct sunlight the product receives will determine the speed of the color fading and the breaking down of the material and as such, color fading and sun damage is not included in the warranty. Generally, the only time sun damage is an issue is in situations where the product gets direct sunlight most of the day, year-round.

Warranty Replacement

  • Lifetime – Workmanship and normal wear and tear
  • 3 year – Sun damage that affects structural integrity of rope (not fading)


  • Lifetime – Workmanship and normal wear and tear
  • 3 years – Sun damage that affects structural integrity of rope (not fading)
  • 3 years – Normal wear and tear on basket bottoms (rope loops, not insert)


  • Lifetime – Material, workmanship, rope
  • 3 years – normal wear and tear


  • Lifetime – Sun fading and damage, workmanship
  • 3 years – normal wear and tear

Merchandise Return Policy

  • For full refund, product must be returned within 30 days of delivery date
  • Product must be in resale condition
  • Return shipping is the responsibility of the customer
  • If return shipping labels are requested, cost will be deducted from refund




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