Appreciation is the final of the three pillars that The Rope Co. is built on.

What appreciation means to me:

Being Thankful – We are so thankful for our significant other, family, friends, opportunities, where we live and everything else you can think of. True appreciation only comes when you can truly be thankful for something first. We are truly thankful that so many enjoy our products we put so much passion into.

Genuine – “I appreciate it” is very special term to me because when I say it I’m genuine about it. There is a special and deep feeling that should come when you express to someone that you appreciate something and it needs to be authentic.

Selfless – When you really appreciate something for a moment in time, you are totally focused on that person or thing. For at least one moment in time you got out of your own head, stopped thinking about yourself and felt genuine gratitude towards someone or something else which is a very special thing in this world.

Feeling Good – You can’t help but have good feelings towards something when you really appreciate it. Knowing that, you should want to appreciate everything around you including people all the time. Show true appreciation towards people, places and quality things that really deserve it and you will be a happier person.

This  is my grandfather Byron and I after a nice day of clamming last summer. He is the one who got the family started in making rope. He is still going strong today, we are working on projects together to bring more high quality, beautiful items to your home. 


Pride – When you’ve grown up in a lobstering family on the coast of Maine where being honest, helpful, friendly and working hard seems to be everything, one thing people forget is pride. Pride is a massive part of the fishing and farming culture. Pride can be a huge issue in some ways when it comes to stubbornness and there’s plenty of that to go around, but pride is huge factor in appreciating. To appreciate something or someone is to have a sense of pride in it or them, the best part is that at that moment of appreciation you have a sense of pride in yourself as well. Shared pride of something or someone is an essential and beautiful part of appreciation.


Living here in Maine on the coast with our friends and family it’s almost impossible not to appreciate and be thankful for everything all the time. My wife and I are so thankful for the opportunity of The Rope Co. and the potential it has to create many jobs here in Maine for the locals. Together we can make beautiful, quality products and have tremendous pride in them as they go out the door and into your homes. I’m thankful for God, my wife Hannah, my family, the place I’ve grown up and the opportunity to build something special here with The Rope Co. Finally, I appreciate all of you who follow and read my material and have an interest in The Rope Co. and what it stands for.


Thank you so much for reading.

Logan – Owner of The Rope Company